9 257 500 uah
1 269 600 uah
26 450 000 uah
7 088 600 uah
16 928 000 uah
714 150 uah
6 877 000 uah
1 719 250 uah

The value of services REA «MAX ESTATE»

Help to buy

Help to buy

  • We quickly find the necessary variant for you, your life or your business > More 500 variants in closed base
  • We check all object’s documents to avoid possible risks (Credits, ownerships)
  • We assess property to buy it cheaper (Safe 5 – 12% of your funds)
  • We prepare all needed documents to assure the guarantee and clearness of concluding the bargain (Guarantee is primarily)


  • Real Estate Appraisal and projected terms of selling > Free expert’s setting – out
  • Professional object’s preparation to sell according to the new marketing standards (+ Quality photography)
  • AD Placement at more than 30 multiply listing services (Total control and dissemination)
  • We help to find a good alternative to buy a new property (It depends on your needs)
Legal support

Legal support

  • We perform due diligence to evaluate all possible risks
  • We check the information about all registered tenants
  • We ascertain whether there are any arrests, encumbrance or litigations in relation to the present apartment
  • The supporting of concluding the bargain, organization day deal, organization the meeting between buyer and seller to conclude the bargain, reliable money deposit into the deposit box in bank, filing for state registration